What is TrxBuilder?

TrxBuilder is an advertising/income online business based on the TRON Token.

What do I get by purchasing at TrxBuilder?

You receive advertising credits that can be used to advertise via Login Ads, Text Ads and Banners Ads to a highly targeted membership base. You will also receive entries into our Straight Line 4x1 system.

How does the free position work?

For a limited time, you can signup and receive a free position simply by confirming your email address. If your free position cycles before you upgrade it will go into a holding tank. You must either purchase a subscription or be PIFFED in order for your position to continue to level 2. There are no referral bonuses paid on any free positions.

Can I earn without referrals at Automatic TRON Profits?

It is possible to earn without referrals but we highly recommend that you refer others to TrxBuilder to purchase advertising because that allows you to earn much quicker.

Should I refer members to T rxBuilder?

Yes, your income will grow much, much faster than waiting for to cycle in the straight line matrix. All levels have a referral commission, so no matter which level your referral enters, you will earn tron from them.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments TRON (TRX), DOGE, LTC, BTC and ETH. We have a smart contract for super fast Tron payments being paid with TronLink. All other payments will be processed by our third party Coinpayments.

When and how often do you pay commissions?

Any member that has an active position in Trxbuilders will have the ability to withdraw once their available balance hits the minimum manual withdrawal of 100 TRON.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum manual withdrawal is 100 TRON. You must have an active position in our program to withdraw.

Is there a deposit fee?

We do have a small deposit fee of 4%.  

Is there a withdrawal fee?

Yes, there is a 5 TRX withdrawal fee. This helps cover all conversions of the other coins to TRON.

Can I earn as a free member?

No, only members that have purchased our initial advertising package can earn from our system.

What are the purchase requirements of the program?

The very first purchase you can make within TrxBuilders is a subscription purchase. The lowest priced subscription is just 30 TRX and gives you a 10 day subscription to the level 1 sraightline. We have many a total of 9 different subscriptions you can choose from. But you must purchase at least the 30 Trx subscription to get started. Once you purchase a subscription, you may purchase one time position in higher levels.

What is the comp plan structure?

TrxBuilder has 10 levels of 4x1 Straight Line matrices. Each matrix fills left to right and will cycle in order as members purchase. When you cycle from level 1, you will automatically be placed into the next level. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase higher levels after purchasing a subscription you may do so. Each new level will pay a new referral commision as well as a new cycle commission. 

Are there automated upgrades after I cycle?

Yes, Level 1 must be manually purchased. Once you cycle a level after that you will enter the next level. If you cycle levels 2 - 10 you will also reenter that same level that you cycled.

Is there a PIF system?

Yes, we do have a PIF system. You may PIF any of your direct referrals into any level from your Available funds. 

Is there a GLOBAL PIF ssstem?

Yes, we do have a GLOBAL PIF system. You may PIFfrom this sytem when there is a member who has been free for 14 days. This is like purchasing referrals that were not PIFfed from their sponsors.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, our program is all company forced so there is no need to open multiple accocunts.

What do we get for each level in Automatic TRON Profits?

You will receive the following credits for each level purchased

Level 1: 3 TRON (5 Login Ad Credits, 10 Banner Credits, 10 Text Ad Credits)

Level 2: 200 TRON (10 Login Ad Credits, 20 Banner Credits, 20 Text Ad Credits)

Level 3: 300 TRON (20 Login Ad Credits, 40 Banner Credits, 40 Text Ad Credits)

Level 4: 400 TRON (40 Login Ad Credits, 80 Banner Credits, 80 Text Ad Credits)

Level 5: 500 TRON (80 Login Ad Credits, 160 Banner Credit, 160 Text Ad Credits)

Level 6: 600 TRON (160 Login Ad Credits, 320 Banner Credit, 320 Text Ad Credits)

Level 7: 700 TRON (320 Login Ad Credits, 640 Banner Credits, 640 Text Ad Credits)

Level 8: 800 TRON (640 Login Ad Credits, 1280 Banner Credits, 1280 Text Ad Credits)

Level 9: 900 TRON (1280 Login Ad Credits, 2560 Banner Credits, 2560 Text Ad Credits)

Level 10: 1,000 TRON (5120 Login Ad Credits, 10240 Banner Credits, 10240 Text Ad Credits)

Are they any refunds?

No, there are no refunds for any reason. Please make sure to read all the details about the product(s), compensation plan, TOS, Privacy Policy, etc. before making a decision to purchase.