About TrxBuilder

TrxBuilder was created to help both the sponsor and the average members. We have taken a great look at some of the best and most exciting pay plans on the internet and pulled some of the greatest features that make them run.

At TrxBuilder, you can enjoy both referral bonuses and straighline cyclers with a subscription based model. Most straightline programs will slow down tremendously with one time payments. TrxBuilder has aimed to fix this problem with offering subscription plans to help create perpetual cycles.

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Launching January 1st, 2023

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Why Choose TrxBuilder

TrxBuilder has put much thought into what our members need and want to see in a program.


Fast Profits

Our Straight Line rev share can generate up to 130% very quickly along with our long build 2x20.


Rewarding Bonuses

No good program is great without sponsor bonuses. You will receive a sponsor bonus on each referral that enters ANY level.


PIF Features

Many members find it easier to just pay it foward to new members. We have this plus a global PIF pool where you can purchase referrals that will pay you daily.


Same Level Reentries

Each time your rev share matures and you cycle out of the straighline rev share, you will receive a complimentary reentry at the end of the line.


Quality Advertising

Receive quality advertising with each purchase in our system. We offer banner, text and login ads to our members.


One Time Subscriptions

One time subscriptions are where you pay a one time fee and get new positions over and over until that subs is expired. This still gives you a one time fee, but with new positions added daily..

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TrxBuilder Pay Plan

TrxBuilder is comprised of a 10 straighline Matrix Platform. All purchases are made in subscription packages ranging from 10 days to 1 full year.

Earn Daily Referral Commissions

Earn daily commissions from your direct referrals when they enter any matrix.

No one left Behind

Straightlines are exactly what they sound like, everyone cycles in order as they enter each matrix.

Subscription Driven

Each purchase a member can make is a type of subscription. Each subscription ranges from 10 days to 1 year.

All matrix commissions are subject to the 10% repurchase rule which states 10% of those commissions will go to your subscription wallet to help sustain your subs.

Please use the graphic below to better understand the compensation plan.

Once you start with a subscription, you have the opportunity to purchase into higher levels.

How much does a subscription cost

Below is a chart with the each subscription cost.

Minimum Purchase is only 30 TRX for the 10 day package.

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